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You can find our music online for purchase, or to listen for free here:





Make me Believe

The new album titled 'Make me Believe' is out September 6th, 2015 digitally! We are super excited about this album because it represents a really tough period in time for us, mentally, emotionally, and as a band. The album is currently available for pre-order through Bandcamp, and comes with the title track as an immediate download. Each song will have their own lyric video on YouTube as well!

New Album!

We are currently working on a new Embracing Soul EP - details to come - and we're documenting along the way! You can find out how far we are through the project over on Instagram or Facebook, or, search the hashtag #ESMakeMeBelieve on Instagram for the process photos!

Soteria's End

December 1st, 2014 - Embracing Soul release their newest single
'Soteria's End' for digital download. The song is available through most digital retailers including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The music video is set to release on Sunday December 7th, 2014.

Wacken Metal Battle Canada

May 26th, 2013 - Embracing Soul will join top Toronto talent in a battle to head to Germany and play the Wacken Open Air Festival! We need your support in Toronto and online to cheer us on in the process. Photos and updates to follow.

The Luna EP on iTunes and More

The Luna EP is now available for purchase on iTunes and other digital distributors. Some distributors include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, Spotify Music, and anywhere else you can think of! Prices may vary on each site.

Luna EP Release

The Luna EP has been released! Through months of writing and hard work, Embracing Soul and Illusive Records have finally been able to release the album with new recordings and mixes. Chelsea Pisano and Brandon Iajecznyk built the songs from scratch with writing help from Thomas Collier. They were recorded, mixed, mastered, and promoted by the two - who are now proud to say that it is ready!

All the earnings will go directly into funding the production of the full length album that is already in the works.


1. The Raven
2. Luna
3. Immortal
4. Apollo
5. The Raven (Orchestral)

EP Release Date Announced!

We're officially announcing our EP's release date as July 8th, 2012. No further information about the EP and the tracklist will be given away just yet, but sit tight, as we've got a lot in store for the next month!!

April 15th @ The Rockpile

Embracing Soul just played a show at Toronto's The Rockpile, April 15th! Visit the Media page to check out some of the pictures, and the Facebook page to see the rest!


On September 15th, 2011, Embracing Soul released their newest song Luna. This song brings another unique sound and is the second in the series of songs to be put on their newest EP to be released mid 2012. Joining Luna will be a version of The Raven, and a few more unheard songs.

The Raven

The newest release from Embracing Soul, The Raven proves to be a step forward in musical direction introducing to fans a more developed composition and slightly progressive sound. The Raven will soon be available for download in HQ along with some other new songs from Embracing Soul. Stay tuned, and keep it metal! \m/

Shadow Release

Early 2010, Embracing Soul released their promotional LP Shadow. The demo includes 9 original tracks all composed and recorded their first year of being together. Available at www.embracingsoul.bandcamp.com , you can get all 9 tracks free as well as an additional bonus acoustic and additional artwork for each track. Download tracks individually or as a whole!

YouTube Videos

If you didn't already know, Embracing Soul has a YouTube channel where they post live originals and covers, as well as recorded covers and music videos for the band. To rate and subscribe, visit the button on the left hand toolbar. The channel allows you to subscribe and view their regular videos from your own YouTube homepage. The band also takes requests through Personal Messages, however they may not be able to get to all of them.


Embracing Soul has a Facebook page where you can keep connected and interact directly with the band. 'Like' the page and you can have the opportunity to view all new photos and updates as they happen.


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